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Make sure you clean soles with warm water and soap. Shake bottle of dye well. Then dip your brush into dye, and apply to soles. Make sure to put light coats on the soles. Don't over saturate the sole with dye. Too much will run to the mid sole,and it takes longer to dry. These dyes are transparent. So build up the colors with three to four coats. Let dry between each coat. The more coats, the darker the colors gets. We recommend three to four coats, but its up to you. No mixing needed, no protection needed. You can mix the dyes to make your own personal colors. Once you achieve the color your looking for. Let dry 24 hrs before wearing your shoes. our Jet Black dye we recommend one coat, and if u need another than apply it. Jet Black you don't want to over do it. 

Once dry if there's any residue left on soles. Use a clean rag with residue remover or a little denatured alcohol on it, and rub off access residue.This product does not work on white rubber soles. Do not use any heat guns with this product!!!

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