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I can not be broken

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SWB ARTWEAR underwent a couple Back surgeries that corrected a spinal deformity. The first surgery fuse 10 of his vertebrae and left him extremely limited in motion, especially with his arms. "the inactivity during recovery was also driving me crazy. I decided to tap into my love of painting as a form of therapy, but I soon discovered that sitting or standing in front of a canvas of any size just wasnt going to work. Than the bright idea arrived!

Poring through my extensive shoe collection, I came across my beat-up Converrse All Stars. Needing a new pair, I ordered some from the discomfort of my couch and when they arrived I realized I had my solution right in front of me. They were soon accompanied by my acrylic paints and away I went, 15 or 20 minutes at a time. the results were fun, lively and truly unique. 

I started to wear them out as I was more and more moble and kept getting comments from strangers about how cool they were. My friends saw them and a few more pairs were  made. I quickly realized that I truly related too the shoes and that painting on them was such a natural fit for me. The artwork got better, my designs evolved and I knew I was onto something. Fast forward a few years, 2 more surgeries and 2 more vertebrae fused. I left my marble and granite company and used the proceeds of selling my share to futher the artwork I was doing painting shoes and here you are reading my bio! My painting is constantly changing. I am airbrushing more and challenging myself every step of the way to bring you something unique and amazing!



swb artwear


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